Corporate Art


Our team offers friendly expert advice as part of a full interior artwork redesign.

We provide a customized real-time personalized art service for businesses like yours from conception, to design, to reality, creating the sort of atmosphere in the office or reception that makes clients feel welcome and relaxed and also enhance your employee's surroundings - making them feel more inspired and thus more productive working in an environment more conducive to work and creativity through inspiring custom office wall art.

Here at, we provide a full range of Custom/bespoke art from business to business services for art collections in offices. Working with us we can deliver your corporate office art collection from graphic design to hand-painted custom portraits by professional photo painters, Large Wall Art is available upon request.

We are experts at providing the best bespoke office wall art and most suitable artwork designs to represent the direction of the company and reflect the goals and desires of the client in question. All of our corporate office art is original hand-painted pieces - whether you choose Oil portraits on canvas or our hand-crafted Metal artwork or Custom Logo Mats. All are hand forged by master artists.

Please take a few minutes to tour our website to see examples of Wall Art for Office and our corporate clients we have facilitated art for their businesses. We welcome the opportunity to personally discuss how we can help your company with inspirational wall art for office from design and framing to shipping and handling please contact:


Custom Logo Doormats for your office or storefront - Greet your visitors in Style

Get in touch with us through our online chat facility or leave us a message with your requirements. The information we will need in order to give you a quote:

1. Weight of the mat
2. Size of the mat
3. Quantity
4. Delivery country

Our prices start from $139 for one mat 450g/m2 at size 24"x34"

Here is what we offer by default but feel free to ask for further customization:

450 g/m2, 570 g/m2, 720 g/m2

Mat sizes:

24"x34" (60x85 cm) 34"x48" (85x120 cm)
34"x60" (85x150 cm) 34"x120" (85x300 cm)
46"x72" (115x180 cm) 60"x60" (150x150 cm)
60"x96" (150x240 cm) 73.2"x48" (183x120 cm)