Car and Boat Paintings

Paintings of cars and boats are wonderful gifts


If you had to sell a car or a boat that you loved very much, you know how lovely it is to have some nice photos to remember you of the trips and travels you had with it - for most, it is a sign of status, a home away from home so selling it on will leave an empty space. With us, you can capture your photos on canvas not just as a plain canvas print but as a hand-painted painting in a choice of mediums.

Car and Boat Photos painted by a professional artist


Those types of paintings are great for Father's Day or as a birthday gift for your husband, grandfather, or anyone who loves cars and boats.

We turn your favorite photos into high-quality paintings. Cars and boats as paintings are something unusual but we love to receive such photos! You can see several samples on this page, even though it's only a selection of the best paintings we have done you will be able to see what great artwork can result from turning a car or a boat into a painting.

Pick the right medium for your car or boat painting

For realistic painting results, choose an Oil Painting or use Charcoal, Pencil, Acrylic, Pastel, or Watercolor for a more artistic result.