House Paintings

House portrait paintings are perfect gifts for proud homeowners

So many beautiful memories are connected to a house and area we grow up in or have lived in, which makes house portraits a very popular type of painting.

For house-warming parties, it can be a great surprise as well as if your child leaves home to live on their own. The gift ideas are endless and we are sure you will love the result of turning a picture of your house into a work of art.


Pick the medium you want to be used for the painting of your house or building

Choose our Oil Paintings from a photo or use the very popular Watercolor to create a splendid house portrait. House paintings are especially nice if the photo is not at a straight-on view but a side angle showing the surrounding landscape. We can merge photos and change the look of your photo adding more trees or removing items to ensure the finished painting of your house is just how you envisioned it.